Version for Environment / OperatingSystem / Hardware
80x86 - Linux®
80x86 - Windows
AudioCutter Cinema
Java® 1.2.x or higher
Version 1.2
ca. 800 kBytes
Version 1.2_01
ca. 902 kBytes
AudioCutter Cinema Sources
licensed under the GNU Public License
Version 1.2
ca. 1.6 MBytes
Installation Instructions
unpack the archive with
tar -xzvf AudioCutter*.tar
start the installation script with
and restart your windowmanager
Execute the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the installer.

Demosounds and -projectfiles, created with the AudioCutter Cinema

Name Soundfile Description

20 sec, Stereo (surround encoded) 48 kHz, 160 kbps
ca. 375 KBytes

Projectfile, 48 kHz, 16 Bit uncompressed
ca. 3,9 MBytes

  • A person walks through a large hall and leaves it using a door in front
  • The project uses two layers, each includes one sample (the walking person and the door) and the calculated echo tracks
  • Layer 1 contains the walking person, the sound moves from behind to the front using only 2 soundpositions

The War
16 sec, Stereo (surround encoded) 44,1 kHz, 160 kbps
ca. 303 KBytes

Projectfile, 96 kHz, 24 Bit uncompressed
ca. 2,23 MBytes

  • A small army tries to kill the listener
  • First a machine gun in front fires to the listeners position
  • Then a F 16 flies from the front to the back and drops a bomb which explodes at the listeners position