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WaveTracer DS

Free Software Download

WaveTracer DS Mark V

D Der WaveTracer DS ist ab sofort kostenlos verfügbar. Das Programm ist mit sofortiger Wirkung Freeware, d.h. es darf frei kopiert und weitergegeben werden, Modifikationen an den Files sind nach wie vor nicht erlaubt. E The WaveTracer DS is now available for free. The program is now freeware, that means it can be given away for free but modification's aren't allowed.
Um eine uneingeschränkte Freewareversion des WaveTracer DS zu generieren sind folgende Schritte nötig:
  • 1. Downloaden des Archives der Demoversion
  • 2. Entpacken dieser Demoversion
  • 3. Downloaden des Updates auf Version 5.1
  • 4. Entpacken des Updates and die gleiche Position
  • 5. Starten des Programmes (Das heißt immer noch "WT_DEMO", ist aber keins mehr ;-)
To create an installation which can be used with no restrictions, following steps have to be done in chronological order:
  • 1. Download the archive of the demoversion
  • 2. Unpack this demoversion
  • 3. Download the update to version 5.1
  • 4. Unpack the update to the same position
  • 5. Execute the program (it is already named as "WT_DEMO" but it isn't a demo any longer")

WaveTracer-DEMO, 542 KBytes
requires at least 68020-processor
WaveTracerPPC-DEMO, 685 KBytes
requires at least WarpOS®, 68040-processor, PPC-processor

WaveTracer Update to version 5.1
requires at least 68020-processor
WaveTracer Update to version 5.1
requires at least 68040-processor
WaveTracer Update to version 5.1
requires at least 68040- and PPCprocessor

D Die Version 5.1 bietet einige neue Features und Effektmodule sowie eine weitergehende Unterstützung des PPC-Prozessors sowie beschleunigte Routinen für die 680x0-Prozessoren.
E Version 5.1 includes some new features and effects. It also offers more support for PPC-processors and fastened routines for the 680x0-processor-versions.
Das Archiv sollte direkt dorthin entpackt werden, wo sich auch die "WaveTracer"-Schublade befindet.
This package has to be unpacked directly to the destination where the original "WaveTracer"-directory was installed.

WaveTracer DS, CineTracer, AnimFX and other tools full sources, licensed under the terms of the GPL v3
requires Pascal and C-compiler

The used encoding-methodes and soundmodes are compatible but not identical to Dolby-Surround® audiosystem.
The used DTS®-soundmodes are compatible but not identical to the DTS®-audiosystem.
Dolby®, Dolby-Surround®, AC-3®, DTS®, StereoPlus® and the Dolby®-Logo are registered trademarks.
The usage of registered trademarks and logos only points to it's compatible but not identical systems.