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Poddy Home - Overview

Poddy Home is a multimedia application that can replace
  • your CD player
  • your DVD player
  • your video recorder
  • all your CDs
  • all your DVDs
  • your collection of videos stored somewhere on your computer
so that you are able to save very much space at home, just by replacing all these things with a box that uses a harddisk big enough to keep all the data (what should not be a problem with todays harddisks capacities). Poddy Home gives you easy, fast and intuitive access to your CD and DVD data without the need to search for the disc itself.

The procedure of replacing your CDs and DVDs is simple: you put them into your drive and let Poddy Home copy the data on your harddisk. Now you can put your disc into your cellar and are able to access it by using Poddy Home easily.

Poddy Home offers following features:
  • can be controlled by IR remote control fully
  • lossless storage and compression of CD and DVD data
  • automated retrieval of media information from the internet (including title and tracks)
  • automated retrieval of cover image from the internet
  • VCR can be programmed locally or remote via web interface at http://poddy.virtualworlds.de/
  • designed to be controlled via remote control easily, no mouse or keyboard is necessary
  • user interface optimized to be displayed on 4:3 or 16:9 TV
  • shuffle replaying of your stored CDs - shuffling using one single album, using all albums onf one artist, using all stored CDs
  • normal replaying of your stored CDs - using one single album, all albums onf one artist, using all stored CDs
  • replaying of CDs that belong to specific categories (can be sorted by genre, owner, how often they have been listened,...)
  • it is slim and fast: it is designed to work as effective as possible and to consume as less ressources as possible
But what is the difference to all the other media center applications out there? Why is there an other application needed? Poddy Home
  • is easy to use - the user interface is designed to be used intuitive and without the need to search for the functions or to read huge manuals
  • is focused on the core functionalities - no fancy crap is implemented nobody would use on an TV and that makes the application complicated
  • has flat menu hierarchies - after playing around a little bit you will know the positions out of the head
  • lets you easily copy your CD and DVD data to the harddisk and structures the data automatically in an easy to remember way
  • can be used via internet, you can remote-control several features via the internet and do not need to be at home for that