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The AudioCutter Cinema is open source and licensed under the GPL v2. That means everybody has access to the sources, can use and modify them as long as he re-publishes the sources too and can take part at the development of the application. So if there are functionalities missing within this application or if you found any bugs feel free to implement or fix them and to submit the changes. Your help is greatly welcome!


The sources can be accessed via the Subversion version control system at

There is free, anonymous read access available for everybody, for registered developers there is full read/write access. To become a developer with write-access to the source tree simply


There is a project page available at Within that page you have access to support and developer webboards where you can ask questions about the application and where you can contact the team.


The AudioCutter Cinema consists of two parts: the GUI that is written in Java™ completely and the core application that performs the calculation of all effects and that is written in C. Both communicate via stdin/stdout with each other so that the GUI is nothing more than some kind of front-end for the core.
That structure depends on historical reasons because the speed of Java™ 1.1 wasn't fast enough to perform the complex surround sound and multichannel calculations (I think since Java™ 1.3 there is at least no computing speed reason for such a structure because the speed of the HotSpot™ architecture is revolutionary).
Today that structure could be more a chance than a problem: one "TODO" would be to switch over from stdin/stdout-communication to a real TCP/IP communication path. That would allow users to let the calculation be done on a completely different, possibly much more powerful computer system.

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