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Internal sample calculation
24 bit up to max 32 bit X
Samplefrequency factor 1 and 2 X
96 kHz samplefrequency X
128 kHz samplefrequency X
Number of tracks unlimited

Supported fileformats (load)
AIFF 8-32 bit X
AIFF Trackformat X
Amiga®-IFF 8-32 bit X
MPEG-audio layer 1,2,3
(24 Bit HQ-Decoder)
RIFF-WAVE 8-16 bit (.wav) X
AVI audiodata X
IFF-SoundANIM audiodata X
QuickTime® audiodata X

Supported fileformats (save)
AIFF 8-32 bit X
AIFF Trackformat X
Amiga®-IFF 8-32 bit X
RIFF-WAVE 8-16 bit (.wav) X
RIFF-WAVE Single Trackfiles 8-16 bit (.wav) X
QuickTime® X

Encode methods (audio output)
1.0 Mono and 2.0 Stereo X
2.0 Surround (compatible to Dolby-Surround®, Circle-Surround®) X
4.0 Quadro (compatible to Q-Sound®, Environmental Audio®, Aureal 3D®) X
5.0 und 5.1 Surround (channel-compatible to dts®, Dolby AC-3®) X
6.0 und 6.1 Surround (channel-compatible to dts ES®, Dolby-Surround EX®) X

Record functions
1.0 Mono and 2.0 Stereo X
2.0 Surround (equal to 2.0 Stereo) X
Harddisk recording X

Internal virtual memory for huge sounds X
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E English

Effects (version 1.2)

  • Volume FX - effects to change, correct and optimize volumes
    Fade Volume Change and fade the volume of tracks
    Optimize mainvolume optimize the volume of the whole project wihtout changing differences between tracks
    Optimize layervolume optimize the volume of the actual layer wihtout changing differences between tracks
    Maximize trackvolume amplify tracks to its maximum
    Dynamic Compressor compress the changes of volume inside tracks

  • Surround FX - effects to create and change surround sounds
    Surround Echo calculates an echo with following parameters:
    • width and length of a room
    • number of echoes
    • echovolume
    • Doppler-effect for moving sounds
    Surround Hall generates hall tracks
    Decoder Decodes surround-encoded stereo-tracks
    Encoder Encodes tracks using one of the supported encoding methods

  • Stereo FX - effects to create and change stereo sounds
    DeCorrelate Genreates some kind of virtual stereo out of mono-tracks
    Base Stretch Changes stereo-tracks to create a more widen stereo-base

  • Size FX - effects which change the length of tracks
    Scale Simply scales the length of a track
    Time Shift Changes tracks legth without any influence to it's pitch

  • Sound FX - change and edit pitch and sound
    Double Freq Doubles the frequency of tracks using different calculation methods and parameters
    Halve Freq Halves the frequency of tracks and offers different methods for calculation with different parameters
    Pitch Shift Changes tracks pitch (=frequency) without any influence to it's length
    Equalizer High quality equalizer with 13 separate frequency bands
    Graphic Equalizer
    • High quality equalizer
    • Resolution of less than 1 Hz for very exact frequency manipulation
    • different comfortable editing methods for the frequency shape
    SubNoise Booster Amplifys especially very low frequencies of tracks
    SubNoise Creator Adds very low frequencies to tracks

  • Noise FX - remove noises and distortions
    Kill Needles Removes needles (=spikes, pins)
    Threshold Removes all noises below a threshold
    DeNoise Removes Noises with higher frequencies
    DeDistort Tries to interpolate / recreate lost informations in distorted sounds
    Remove DC Removes a static DC (=offset from zero)
    Remove Variable DC Removes changing DC

  • Special FX - miscellaneous, uncategorizeable effects
    Repeat Range Some kind of synthie-effect (robot voice)
    Swap Range Special synthethic effect
    Time Range An other synthetic effect (Nintendo-like sound)
    Pitch Resonance An experimental effect which allows to work with resonances and phase shift
    Reverse Reverses a sound or parts of tracks
    Mix A special version of Reverse, it reverses a marked area or a whole track and mixes it back to the not-reversed sounddata

  • Modulation FX - modulate the actual waveform
    Amplitude Amplitude modulator providing different modulation-waveforms and 5 variable frequency ranges

  • Miscellaneous functions
    Generate Tones Allowes synthesizing of tones out of different base-waveforms with (changing) frequiencies
    Generate Noise Allowes generation of special kinds of noise like white noise, pink noise, brown noise,...

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