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Linux® - versions

Linux® - versions

Windows® - versions
Poddy Home Download it here! A media center application that handles all kinds of home entertainment in a very easy and flexible way.
ANSI-CIO .zip source archive, 13 KBytes Some functions that allow to open/read/write files concurrently and to share accesses to them using plain, easily portable ANSI-C. This package contains all necessary sources and is licensed under the LGPL.
LoadController 0.11 BETA .tar.bz2 source archive, 475 KBytes n/a A daemon which checks the load of an server in defineable periods. If the load exceeds a defineable limit during a defined time and if this was caused by a process of a defined user which exceeds a defined cpu-usage, the process is killed and the user is informed by mail. This daemon can be used on server systems where processes or scripts can be executed by users e.g. on servers of webspace providers which allow PHP / Perl / Shell-access.
SetUID v0.2 .tar source archive, 800 KBytes n/a A small command line tool which executes programs with the privileges and restrictions of other users and groups
PHPGen .tar (source) archive, 16 KBytes
(requires a PHP-capable webserver)
Virtual Universe Download Virtual Universe / Virtual Worlds here! Click here for more information!
AudioCutter Cinema Download AudioCutter Cinema here! Click here for more information

Older Downloads (Software no longer supported)

Version for Environment / OperatingSystem / Hardware

PPC- / 680x0-Amiga®
native AmigaOS® - versions
BeOS Mac OS/2 Unix Windoof ... Windoof

native Windows® - versions
Java Swing
Java® & JFC®/Swing®
Java® (JRE® only)
AnimFX LHA-archive, 513 KBytes
. . .
IMPERIUM TERRANUM 2 LHA-archive, ca. 5 MBytes . . self extracting archive, ca. 5 MBytes (requires WinUAE)
IMPERIUM TERRANUM 2 - Star Trek Special Edition LHA-archive, ca. 1,2 MBytes . . .
WaveTracer DS Download WaveTracer DS here!
WorldMap WorldMap_bin.lha (Binaries, ca. 556 KBytes)
WorldMap_dat1.lha (Data set 1, ca. 4,0 MBytes)
WorldMap_dat2.lha (Data set 2, ca. 4,0 MBytes)
WorldMap_dat3.lha (Data set 3, ca. 4,3 MBytes)
. . .