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WaveTracer DS
External Modules

Loader, Saver and external Effektmodules

"new" points to changes since Version 5.0

[]-> Loader

ANIM-Runtime Calculates the runtime of an IFF-ANIM and creates an empty sample with the same length CDXL Loads the sounddata out of an CDXL-file
CineData Loads a CineData-file and calculates the resulting surrroundsound FastNoise Creates a white noise using a very fast algorithm
FutureSound Loader for a simple soundformat HSN Loads Atari®-HSN-soundfiles
MAUD Loads IFF-MAUD-files MPEG-Audio A loader for MPEG layer I, II and III using mpega.library
MultipleSines Creates a sound out of a defined number of sine-waveforms and -frequencies NoiseHQ A high quality generator for defined noises - white, pink, Dolby®-type and noises of any other frequency-range can be created
QT Loads the audiodata out of an QuickTime® animation QT-Runtime Calculates the runtime of an QuickTime® animation and creates an empty sample with the same length
RAMScan Scan's FAST- and CHIP-RAM for sampledata RIFF-WAVE Loader for ".WAV" soundfiles
SONIX.instr Loads SONIX® synthetic instruments and generates a sample out of it SoundTracker Generates a samplefile and a correspondig playlist out of a SoundTracker-module
SUN-Audio Loads different kinds of SUN® and DEC® audioformats UNIVERSAL_IFF A loader for all types of IFF-Fileformats: IFF-8SVX, IFF-16SX, IFF-16SV, IFF-24SX, IFF-HISX, AIFF, AIFC, IFF-SoundANIM
URAW8 / URAW 16 A loader for unsigned raw sampledata in 8 or 16 bit VOICE Loads ".VOC" soundfiles

[]<- Saver

AIFF Saver for AIFF format in 8, 16 and 24 bit AnimInjector Saves sounddata in 8 bit interleaved / non-interleaved into a IFF-ANIM
IFF Internal saver for all types of IFF-soundformats like IFF-8SVX, IFF-16SX, IFF-16SV, IFF-24SX Module Saves the sample as a module for waveforms, frequencies or envelopes
QT Saves sounddata into a QuickTime® animation RAW Internal Saver for sounddata as RAW in 8, 16 or 24 bit signed
RIFF-WAVE A saver for ".WAV" in 8 and 16 bit URAW Saves sounddata as RAW in 8 or 16 bit unsigned
VOICE ".VOC" soundfile saver WTA Internal saver for a special script-format wich describes soundsynthesis for later reconstruction

External Effectmodules

3D-Surround Creates a moving sound using a editeable position- and timeline AddAnim Loads timingdata of a IFF-ANIM and displays the frames as TimePatterns
AddQT Loads timingdata of a QuickTime® animation and displays the single frames as TimePatterns Alpha2Envelope Converts a existing Alpha-channel to its resulting sample-envelope
AnimLoop Prepares a sound for saving into a IFF-ANIM as a looped animation with a defined number of repeats AnimScene Define the actual sound as a scene (an part) of an TimePattern-list / animation
Background Add a background-noise BaseStretch Stretch or shrink the virtual size of an stereo-base
ChannelExchange Swap two or more channels at the same time Chords Create a chord out of your sound
Chorus Lets your sample sound like a chorus DeHummer Remove noises with deep frequencies like a hum
DeNoiser Remove noises of high frequencies DoubleFreq Double the frequency in a fast way
newDynamicCompressor Compresses the dynamic-range of the actual sample Egalizer Removes different kinds of static and changing direct voltages
Exponential Calculate the exponential of your samplevalues FastEcho A simple but very fast echo
Filter A convolution filter for sounds Gamma Gamma-correction changes the volume of a sample without changing it's amplitude
Grammophon Add typical noises of a record GraphicAnalyzer Analyzes the sample in different ways using different calculation- and visualisation-methods
HalveFreq Halves the frequency of a sample in a very fast way HQ Removes or hides quantisation-noises and distortions
KillNeedles Kills needle-pulses LogaRythm Calculates the logarythmus out of your samplevalues
MaxVolume Brings all channels to its maximum-volume Offset Adds an time-offset
OptimizeVolume Optimizes the volume of all channels, when the WaveTracer-internal function is turned off PeriodAmplifier Amplifys the volume of each single period to its maximum
PhaseShift Shift the phase to +180° PitchSift Changes the frequency of an sample without changing its length or samplefrequency
Quadro2Surround Converts a sound from 4.0 Quadro soundmode to 4.0 Surround Quadro2_5.1 Converts a quadro-sound to a 5.0 or 5.1 soundmode
newRectifier Interpolates the destroyed informations of an overloaded and distorted sound RemoveSpikes Removes periodic spikes and needle-pulses
RepeatReange Special soundeffect wich sounds very synthetic SetLoop Uses a marked area as sampleloop
SetLoopOff Removes an existing sampleloop ShowLoop Shows wich part of the sample is used for looping
newStereo Creates a pseudo-stereo out of a mono-signal StereoPlus®Decoder Decodes a surround-sound using the music-friendly StereoPlus®-method
StereoPlus®Encoder Surround-encode an existing StereoPlus® sound SubNoise Adds infrasonic frequencies down to 1 Hz
SubNoiseBooster Amplifys a defined frequencyrange of infrasonic frequencies down to 1 Hz SurroundDecoder Decodes a surround sound using a Dolby-Prologic®-compatible method
SurroundDecoderC Decodes only surroundchannels of a surroundsound and ignores the Center-channel SurroundEncoder Encodes a sound using a Dolby-Surround®-compatible method
SwapRange Soundeffect for a defined distortion wich sounds really synthetic Technoise Special distortion-method wich creates techno-like sounds
Thousands Creates an effect wich sounds like "thousand" voices Threshold Cut all samplevalues below a defined threshold to suppress noises in silent parts of a sample
TimeRange Holds a samplevalue for a defined time - this creates a special synthetic soundeffect Tone Changes Bass and Treble of an sound

The used encoding-methodes and soundmodes are compatible but not identical to Dolby-Surround® audiosystem.
The used DTS®-soundmodes are compatible but not identical to the DTS®-audiosystem.
Dolby®, Dolby-Surround®, AC-3®, DTS®, StereoPlus® and the Dolby®-Logo are registered trademarks.
The usage of registered trademarks and logos only points to it's compatible but not identical systems.