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WaveTracer DS WT-Status

The WaveTracer DS softwarepackage includes different Tools and following main-programs:

WaveTracer DS Mark V

CineTracer Mark I



WaveTracer DS Mark IV

- create, handle and convert samples of different formats (AIFC, AIFF, CDXL, CineData, FutureSound, HSN, IFF-SoundANIM, QuickTime®, MAUD, MPEG, RIFF-WAVE, RAW, Sonix-Instruments, SoundTracker, SUN®-Audio, Voice) and resolutions (8, 12, 16, 24, 32 Bit, IEEE32, IEEE64,...) Effects-List
- extensive internal and external soundeffects
- audio-alphachannel
- enlargeable with external loaders, savers and effects
- supports soundmodes 1.0 Mono, 2.0 Stereo, 3.0 3-Channel, 4.0 Quadro, 4.0 Surround (Dolby-Surround®- / StereoPlus®-compatible), 5.0 and 5.1 Surround (DTS®- / AC-3-compatible)
- replay up to 6 channels in 16 Bit and with different encoding-methods for the surround-channels: Dolby-Surround®-compatible, SpectraFX® or direct
- supports Amiga®-audiohardware and AHI-soundcards, you can use more than one outputdevice at the same time - so multichannel-replay with at least 4 audio-outputs is possible
- playlist with much possibilities and features Background-Effect
...and last but not least following unusual features:
- creation of IFF-animations with sound, supported by the display of the anim-frames in scaled size directly into a WaveTracer-window or in full size onto a own screen
- AnimFX-player for replaying these IFF-SoundANIM's
- copyright-information can be hidden directly into a sample
- wide-range, licence-free documentation for programmers about the used sound- and dataformats and the programming of external loaders, savers and effects

- at least OS 3.0 and 68020-processor
- at least 2 MBytes FAST-RAM
Supported hardware:
- 68020-/68030-, 68040-/68060- and PPC-Processor (using WarpUP®)
- external JogShuttle via ARexx and infrared-link or HAMA-ACut®-hardware direct



CineTracer Mark I

D Features:
CineTracer is part of the WaveTracer-package and separates position- and movement-information out of other programs datafiles (e.g. raytracer-scenes). The CineTracer converts these information into CineData-format. These files can be loaded by the WaveTracer DS - it converts a sound out of it wich fits perfectly to the rendered ratracing-scene or -animation.

Supported formats:
- CineData®
- Imagine®
- AVB®
... other raytracer-formats will follow soon!


D AnimFX is a animplayer, wich replays WaveTracer-generated IFF-ANIM-animations with integrated sounddata (IFF-SoundANIM's). AnimFX supports ANIM5, ANIM7, ANIM8 with or without sounddata and CDXL.
AnimFX also includes an ARexx-port. So this program can be controlled perfectly from other software.


The used encoding-methodes and soundmodes are compatible but not identical to Dolby-Surround® audiosystem.
The used DTS®-soundmodes are compatible but not identical to the DTS®-audiosystem.
Dolby®, Dolby-Surround®, AC-3®, DTS®, StereoPlus® and the Dolby®-Logo are registered trademarks.
The usage of registered trademarks and logos only points to it's compatible but not identical systems.